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Tawny owl Strix aluco

Although tawny owl is one of the most common owl species in Latvia, it is not easy to meet them in the wildlife, because their main activity period are at the dark part of the twenty- four hours, when they are mouse for small rodents.

Here you can follow the owl’s activities during day and night and listen to it’s shout.

20. May 2011, 19:17
Video from owl marking
20. May 2011, 9:44
Pictures from owl marking event:
17. May 2011, 9:57
Taking into account that little tawny owls soon will leave the nest the ringing of them will be performed on the May 19th, at 4:00 p.m. Jānis Pērle- the senior inspector of the Vidzeme Regional Administration of the Nature Conservation Agency and expert of the tawny owls- Andris Avotins jun. will manage these activities. We welcome all the interesents to follow the actions in our web- site, as well as participate on the place in the Smiltene region, Palsmane village, near the home „Bišuleja”. It is also planned that activities will be taken on camera by Vidzemes Television.
09. May 2011, 11:01
Video excerpt from night #12
02. May 2011, 8:33
Kind request for watchers!
As the chicken are hatched we are asking for your kind help to pay attention to such owls' activities:
1) brought food objects: time, if possible, identification of it, do they accumulate, how long (food objects should become bigger and more, at the first time they should accumulate in the nest);
2) female being in the nest and activities performed (female at the first period will intensively warm chicken, but additional activities must differ);
3) female and chicken communication, when female is/is not present at the nest;
4) competition on food objects between chicken;
5) positions took in the nest;
6) when chicken claw the food objects themselves;
7) competition in the cage hole before leaving the nest;
8) changes in the nest.
01. May 2011, 15:37
Third chicken hatched yesterday
30. April 2011, 12:29
Video of previous night
29. April 2011, 9:38
Video of newborn owls
28. April 2011, 22:40
Second owl hatched this evening.
28. April 2011, 16:20
First owl hatched!
10. April 2011, 10:50
Recordings archive
10. April 2011, 10:48
Referring to many questions of the interesents regarding the necessary feed for owl we republish the answer written in the "Guest Book" by ornitologist A. Avotins jun.: average food consumption for adult female owl in the period of hatching are 54g, however it can variate between days depending on weather conditions, hunting and weather conditions in previous days. It should be mentioned that before nest season female owl significantly increases the reserves of energy acumulating fat and proteins. In the middle of nest season, when chicken are small (may- june), her weight is the lowest.
The food necessary for the chicken depends on his age.
Answer to the question: exactly how many MOUSES needs owl, is impossible, because even in the frames of one feed object can be noticed great size differences, besides food object groups have different nutrition.
Accessible and easily catchable objects form the basis of the owls' food. Usually they are small rodents- voles (field, blank, common voles) whith average wheigt 30- 36g depending on species.
However, some years ago the population of may-bugs significantly increased and they concentrate in the seashore, where they became an easy take for different bird species, including tawny owls. May- bug weight is around 2,7g and the most part of it is chitin shell, therefore the energy value is insignificant. But these bugs were easily accessible, wasting small amount of energy and therefore many bird and animal species used them for feed.

Also fact- in the territories and years when big food resources are accessible, owls produce more eggs, because more chicken can be feeded. Next year after succesfull nest season number of eggs will be increased, thus the biggest number of eggs is in the season when amount of food resources start to decrease. It causes unsuccesfull nest after which number of eggs noticably decreases.
01. April 2011, 22:10
Third egg laid today :)
30. March 2011, 11:09
A. Avotins sen. the expert consults that there are proves (made by such cameras) that it is normal for Tawny owls in the period of hatching to leave the nest twice in 24 hour period for 10- 20 min (average 13 min). It is a time when eggs stay warm enough yet (if the male owl doesn't ensure enough food female owl has to hunt herself and therefore eggs have a higher potential to "die". Exception is a first egg- it can be left in the nest even for 24 hours (egg is fresh and no problems with low temperatures).
The expert A. Avotins jun. comments the hatching: Tawny owl hatches the eggs 28 days since the start of hatching process. It should be mentioned that hatching doesn't start with the first egg, but later- when about half of them are laid.
30. March 2011, 8:25
Second egg laid.
27. March 2011, 21:17
First egg laid. However, last nights were cold with temperatures around -6 degrees Celsius and owl often leaves the nest for a long time therefore there is a risk that egg would not be able to hatch.
25. March 2011, 23:40
We are proud to announce that since March 23rd owl stays in the nest also for the day-time. Waiting for the first laid egg!
17. March 2011, 19:07
News from the cage: on the March 16th the owls (pair) for the first time visited the new cage. This moment is also seen in video
We hope they will enjoy our work and return to stay.
16. March 2011, 22:10
Welcome in our project in the year 2011- the year of tawny owl!

We have set the cage also this year and hope that owl will appretiate it by making the nest there.

News in the project: we have prepared the new cage. This year we stuffed it with scobs, not straws like last year. Also camera is set to give a better view on the actions in the nest.

We are happy and thankfull for the people who recalled this project and are ready to live with it also this year. As well we welcome also new fans of the owls.